Rankings baby names Czech Republic

Czech Republic Statistik

In the five recorded years, the following names are worth mentioning.

Eliska was in three of five cases on the first rank. High-flyer for the boys was Jakub. Four times was Jakub on the first rank.

Adéla, Anna, Barbora, Eliska, Karolína, Lucie, Natálie, and Tereza were in each year in the top 10 given names. Also frequently among the top ten names was Kristýna. Kristýna was in in the top 10 in four of five years.

For the boys Adam, Jakub, Jan, Lukás, Ondrej, Tomás, and Vojtech were the front-runner. They were in the top 10 in all years. The names David, Filip, and Matej were also very popular. In four of five years were David, Filip, and Matej in the ten most popular names.

Source: Czech Republic Statistik

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