Bali is a masculine given name with four letters which is only rarely used internationally.

Recent Newborns

Following is a list of the latest newborns from several Swiss hospitals

  • Bali
    Kantonsspital Winterthur
    13. January

Siblings of Bali

We don't yet have siblings for Bali. Do you know person named Bali who has siblings? If so, we are very thankful if you can tell us. It takes less than a minute. Thank you very much!

Anagrams of Bali

The following names are spelled with the exact same letters as Bali:

More Given Names

The following given names are alphabetically before or after Bali:

Balfour Balian

Here is a selection of 10 given names, that also starts with letter B and are 4 letters long.

Random given names

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