Ana is a feminine given name with three letters.

Recent Newborns

Following is a list of the latest newborns from several Swiss hospitals Ana is currently a trending given name.

  • Ana Alice [] [the Noble]
    Kantonsspital Aarau
    12. March
  • Ana []
    Zuger Kantonsspital
    7. November
  • Ana []
    Kantonsspital Winterthur
    30. September
  • Ana Margarida [] [-]
    Spital Zollikerberg
    22. August
  • Ana []
    Zuger Kantonsspital
    18. August
  • Amelia Ana [] []
    Spital Zollikerberg
    5. June

International popularity

The chart represents the popularity rank for the given name Ana in the German part of Switzerland The hightest ranking was 125 in Year 2015 in Switzerland.

Historic Spread

Ana is a common name in several countries. Croatia has the highest popularity.

Siblings of Ana

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Second names of Ana

The following female names are commonly used as a second name for Ana:

Ana is used as a second name for:

Similar sound-alike Names

The following names sound similar to Ana:

Anagrams of Ana

Der weibliche Vorname Naa is spelled with exactly the same letters as Ana.

More Given Names

The following given names are alphabetically before or after Ana:

An Âna

Here is a selection of 10 given names, that also starts with letter A and are 3 letters long.

Random given names

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