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For the given name with letter H, we have a selection of 2177 male names.

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Hajo, Hakverdi, Hans, Henri, Henry, and Hermilo belong to the favorites of our users.

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Hamza, Hannes, Harald, Harry, Hartmut, Heinrich, Helmut, Henrik, Herbert, Holger, Hubert, and Hugo are among the most popular names.

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Ha such as Hans

Haachim Haadhi Haadi Haagan Haagen Haaije Haakon Haami Haamis Haaris Haaroen Haaroon Haashim Haasjir Haatim Haaye Haayo Haazim Habakuk Habaneh Habbe Habbo Habeeb Habeel Habes Habib Habiballah Habibollah Habibullah Habibulloh Habiel Habil Habip Habonaran Habron Habtamu Habtom Habul Haceli Hachem Hachiro Haci Hacı Hacı-Ömer Hackett Haco Hacob Hadamar Hadden Haddi Haddon Haddy Hadeed Hadelef Hademar Haden Hades Hadewin Hadgu Hadi Hadis Hadiz Hadj Hadleigh Hadly Hadmar Hadon Hadrian Hadriàn Hadrianus Hadriel Hadrien Hadubert Hadwin Hadwyn Hady Hadyn Hadze Haedr Haedyn Haefen Hae-Gyu Haele Haemish Haemon HaeSung Hae Sung Hae-Sung Hafez Hafezullah Hafid Hafiz Hafizullah Haflidi Hafliði Hafsteinn Haftom Hafþór Hagai Hagan Hagay Hagen Hager Haget Hagop Hagos Hague Hahns Haibi Haico Haidallah Hai-Dang Haidar Haidejin Haiden Haider Haidon Haidyn Haifeng Haig Haije Haik Haikal Haikel Haiken Haiko Hailab Haile Hailiye Hailton Haim Haimar Haime Hai-Minh Haimish Haimo Hain Hainer Haines Hai-Ngan Hains Hainsh Haio Haisam Haishuo Haitam Haitem Haitham Haithem Hai-Trung Haitse Hai-Vu-Mai Haiyan Haiyden Hajdar Hajdin Haje Haji Hajim Hajime Hajin Hajk Hajo Hajredin Hajriz Hajro Hajrudin Hajrulla Hajun Hajune Hakan Hakancan Hakeem Hakew Haki Hakija Hakim HakJin Hak Jin Hak-Jin Hakki Hakkı Hakki-Ziya Hakob Hakon Hakop Hakopa HakSoo Hak Soo Hak-Soo Haktan Haku Hakverdi Hal Halbart Halbe Halbert Halburt Halĉo Haldane Halden Haldo Haldon Haldor Haldun Halef Haleluya Halen Halfdan Halford Halid Halidovič Halifax Halil Halilcan Halilcan-Elias Halileren Halil-Ersan Halil-Ibrahim Halil-Kaan Haliltalha Halil-Yilmaz Halim Halimi Halis Halit Hall Hallam Hallberg Hallbjörn Halldór Halledor Halleluya Hallfreður Hallgrímur Halliwell Hallmann Hallmar Hallmundur Hallstein Hallsteinn Hallur Hallvar Hallvard Hallvarður Hallwell Halmar Halsey Halsig Halstead Halsten Halton Haluk Halvar Halvard Halvart Halvor Hamad Hamadi Hamaimi Hamani Hamarama Hamaun Hamayak Hamaza Hambartsum Hambi Hamdaan Hamdan Hamdi Hamdican Hamdija Hamdo Hamdullah Hamdy Hamed Hameed Hameen Hamet Hami Hamid Hamidollah Hamidou Hamidovič Hamidullah Hamied Hamii Hamilton Hamim Hamiora Hamish Hamish-Jacob Hamit Hamithan Hamiz Hamlet Hamley Hammad Hammadi Hammam Hammi Hammish Hammond Hammza Hamno Hamo Hamood Hamoodi Hamoon Hampel Hampton Hampus Hamran Hamsa Hamse Hamudi Hamuera Hamysh Hamza Hamzacan Hamzah Hamza-Said Hamzat Hamze Hamzeh Hanad Hanael Hanan Hanani Hananias Hanchen Hando HanDong Han Dong Han-Dong Handrij Handrin Haneef Hanefi Haneul Han-Eum Hanford Hanfried Hangaw Hange Hango Hani Hanibal Haniel Hanif Hanifi Haninah Hanishraj Hanjo Hanjun Hank Hanko HanKyu Han Kyu Han-Kyu Hanley Hanlin Hanly Han-Ming Hannan Hannes Hannes-Werner Hannibal Hanniel Hanniël Hanning Hannis Hannjo Hanno Hanns Hannsgeorg Hannsjörg Hannsjürgen Hanns-Jürgen Hannspeter Hannu Hano Hanoch Hanok Hanon Hanri Hanrui Hanry Hans Hansa Hans-Ayden Hanschen Hans-Christian Hans-Conrad Hans-Deiter Hansdieter Hansel Hansell Hansen Hans-Eric Hansfried Hansfriedrich Hansgeorg Hans-Georg Hansgerd Hansgünter Hans-Günter Hansgünther Hansheinz Hanshelmut Hans-Hendrik Hanshermann Hansjakob Hansjoachim Hans-Joachim Hansjochen Hansjörg Hans-Jörg Hansjörn Hansjürg Hans-Jurgen Hansjürgen Hans-Jürgen Hanskarl Hansl Hans-Leopold Hansley Hans-Lothar Hansludwig Hans-Lyall Hans-Markus Hansmartin Hans-Martin Hans-Maximilian Hans-Michael Hans-Mitchell Hanson HanSoo Han Soo Han-Soo Hansotto Hans-Otto Hanspeter Hans-Peter Hans-Rainer Hansruedi Hans-Ruedi Hansueli Hanswalter Hanswerner Hanswilhelm Hanswolf Hantian Hanul Hanwen Hanwu Hany Hanyi HanYong Han Yong Han-Yong Hanz Hanza Hanzala Hanzalah Hanzhe Hanzi-Mark Hanzlah Hao Haochen Haofeng Haoliang Haoming Haoran Hao-Ran Haorong Haosen Hao-Thien Haowen Hao-Yang Haoyi Hao-Yu Haoyuan Haozhe Hape Hapi Har Harac Haraford Haragam Harakamjot Haralabas Haralabos Haralabros Haralados Haralamb Haralambie Haralambo Haralambos Haralamos Haralampie Haralampos Haralan Harald Haralds Haraldur Haraloubos Haraun Harbans Harbert Harbhajan Harbin Harcent Harco Harcourt Harcun Hardam Harden Hardev Hardi Hardian Hardin Harding Hardo Hardrian Hardwin Hardwyn Hardy Hardyal Hardyn Hare Hareb Harel Harem Hares Haresh Harfateh Harford Harge Hargoon Hargrove Hari Haridev Haridimos Hariesch Harif Harihar Hariharan Harijad Harijs Harilaos Harilla Harillaq Harim Harimraan Harin Harindran Hariolf Haris Harish Harison Harith Hariththiran Harito Hariton Haritonas Haritz Harivan Harivender Hariz Harjaap Harjap Harjapneet Harjeevan Harjin Harjo Harjotpreet Hark Harkeerat Harkirat Harko Harkrishen Harlak Harlake Harlan Harland Harlee Harleigh Harlem Harlen Harlen-Jay Harlequin Harles Harley-David Harley-Detlef Harley-Jae Harley-James Harley-Ray Harley-Troy Harlin Harlo Harlod Harlon Harlow Harlow-Blu Harlowe Harly Harlym Harm Harman Harmandeep Harmanjot Harmannus Harmehar Harmen Harmen-Luut Harmjan Harm-Jan Harmon Harmunjot Harmyn Harnanak Harne Harnoorpartap Harnoorveer Harnoorvir Haro Haroen Harold Haroldas Haroldo Haron Harone Haroon Haroun Harouna Haroune Haroution Haroutium Harpratap Harralambos Harrald Harrell Harrey Harri Harribert Harrie Harrington Harris Harrison Harriss Harrisson Harrisyn Harrit Harrjith Harro Harrold Harrsh Harry Harry-Cain Harry-Dean Harrys Harrysen Harryson Harsehaj Harsh Harsha Harshaan Harshal Harsher Harshil Harshith Harshpuneet Harshvardhan Harshvir Harshwier Hart Hartaj Hartajbir Harte Harteij Hartej Hartford Hartfried Hartger Hartland Hartley Hartlieb Hartman Hartmann Hartmund Hartmut Hartmuth Harto Hartog Hartrad Hartun Hartung Hartvig Hartwald Hartwell Hartwig Hartwin Hartwood Harugo Haruhiko Haruhiro Haruhito Harukazu Harulumbos Haruma Harun Harün Harun-Emre Harunobu Haruo Harut Harutaka Haruto Harutyun Haruun Haruur Harvard Harveer Harvey Harvi Harvie Harvir Harvy Harwig Hary Haryne Has Hasan Hasanain Hasan-Ali Hasancan Hasaneren Hasan-Hüseyin Hasanjot Hasan-Kerim Hasanov Hasanovič Hasbi Haschem Haschen Haschim Haseeb Haseef Hasen Hasham Hashem Hashim Hashindra Hashir Hashm Hasib Hasibullah Hasim Haşim Hasimiu Hasip Haskel Haskell Hasko Haslet Haslett Hasmin Hasn Hasnain Hasnat Haso Hassan Hassanullah Hasse Hassen Hassib Hassler Hassnain Hassnin Hasso Hassouna Hastiar Hastings Hasudin Hatab Hatarou Hatay Hatem Hatemov Hather Hathim Hatif Hatim Hattab Hattan Hatto Hatzwee Hau Hauar Haug Hauk Haukur Hauraz Haval Havan Havand Havelock Havier Haviraj Havis Havish Havloch Havnd Havyn Hawaikii Hawal Hawar Haween Hawil Hawk Hawkar Hawker Hawler Hawley Hawly Hawn Hawyar Haxhi Hay Hayaan Hayal Hayan Hayati Hayato Haydan Haydar Hayden Hayden-Charles Hayden-Dennis Haydenn Hayder Haydne Haydon Haydra Haydrian Haydyn Haye Hayes Hayk Haykaz Haykel Hayko Hayle Haylen Haymish Haymo Hayne Hayner Hayo Hayrettin Hayri Hayrul Hayrulla Hayrullah Haysam Haysan Hayson Hayssam Hayssem Haytam Haytem Haytham Haythem Hayu Hayward Haywen Haywood Hayyu Haza Hazam Hazar Hazbi Hazeem Hazem Hazim Haziq Hazir Haziz Hazrudin

He such as Henri

Headell Headley Headly Heahberht Heall Healum Healy Hearke Heath Heath-Adam Heathcliff Heathcliffe Heathfield Heathley Heaton Heaven-Liam Heavenly-Eden Heavenly-Ion Heavens Heber Hebko Hebron Hector Heda Hedde Heddo Heddwyn Heden Hedi Hedin Hedinn Hedjran Hedra Hedri Hedser Hedzer HeeBok Hee Bok Hee-Bok HeeJun Hee Jun Hee-Jun Heerco Heere Heerke Heero Heesham Hei Heiðar Heidebert Heidel Heiden Heider Heiderich Heidfried Heido Heie Heigo Heije Heijo Heiki Heikki Heiko Heilko Heilmar Heilmut Heilmuth Heimar Heimbert He Imbert Heimbrecht Heime Heimefried Heimen Heimeran Heimerich Heimfrid Heimfried Heimhart Heimir Heimito Heimko Heimo Heimwald Hein Heinar Heine Heineke Heinel Heiner Heinfried Heingert Heini Hein-Johan Heink Heino Heinolf Heinrich Heinrihs Heintje Heinz Heinz-Alexander Heinzdieter Heinzfried Heinzhermann Heinz-Joachim Heinzjörg Heinzjürgen Heinzkarl Heinzpeter Heinzwerner Heio Heise Heism Heissam Heit Heiti Heitor Heiv Hejan Hejran Hekerangi Hekmatullah Hektor Hekuran Helaal Helal Helari Helbert Heldar Helder Heldur Heleno Helfred Helfrid Helfried Helger Helgert Helgi Helgo Helgomar Helias Helidon Helio Heliodoro Helios Heliton Helix Helko Hellari Hellat Hellenyo Hellfried Hellmut Hellmuth Hellyas Helm Helmand Helmar Helmbrecht Helmer Helmfried Helmich Helmo Helmrich Helmut Helmut-Daniel Helmuth Helmuts Helmward Helprich Helton Heluand Helver Helwart Helwig Helwin Hem Hemal Heman Hemant Hemanth Hemat Hemerich Hemi Hemi-Linkin Hemish Hemkeus Hemko Hemme Hemmi Hemming Hemmo Hemn Hemza Henach Henads Henadz Henadzi Henas Hendel Henderico Henderik Henderikus Henderson Hendle Hendo Hendrelino Hendri Hendrick Hendrickus Hendrico Hendricus Hendrie Hendriekus Hendrik Hendrikes Hendrik-Jacob Hendrik-Jan Hendrik-Junior Hendriko Hendrikson Hendrik-Tije Hendrikus Hendrin Hendrix Hendry Hendrych Hendryk Hendy Henery Henes Heng Hengiano Hengjie Hengrui Hengtee Hengxuan Henik Henjo Henk Henke Henkie Henk-Jan Henk-Willem Henky Henley Henn Hennadij Hennadiy Hennadzy Henneke Henner Hennes Hennesino Hennig Henning Henno Hennock Hennry Henoc Henoch Henok Henor Henorel Henos Henrey Henri Henric Henrich Henrick Henrickus Henrico Henricus Henrie Henri-John Henrik Henrikas Henrikh Henrik-Jan Henrikki Henriko Henrique Henry Henry-David Henry-Hardy Henryk Henryk-Jan Henryson Hens Hensel Hensley Henson Hent Henvgke Heorhi Hephaistion Heraclio Heráclio Herakles Herald Heraldas Heraldo Herb Herben Herber Herbert Herberth Herberto Herberts Herbie Herbjørn Herchel Hercli Herculano Hercules Herdel Heredio Herfan Herfried Hergen Herger Heribert Heriberto Herisch Heritie Heritier Herjan Herjólfur Herjon Herke Herko Herkules Herkus Herluf Herm Herman Hermandus Hermann Hermannes Hermanni Hermannus Hermano Hermanus Hermen Hermenegild Hermenegildo Hermes Hermès Hermfried Hermilo Hermindo Herminio Hermínio Hermod Hermóður Hermon Herms Hermt Hermund Hermundur Hernán Hernando Hernâni Hernesto Herng Hero Herodotos Herodotus Herol Herold Herolind Heron Herper Herre Herribert Herrmann Herro Herroz Herry Herschel Hershal Hershel Hersi Hersir Herson Hersteinn Hertwig Hertzen Heru Herulf Herve Hervé Hervey Hervin Herwald Herward Herwart Herwarth Herweig Herwig Herwin Herzel Herzl Hes Hesam Hescham Hesekiel Heset Hesham Hesley Hessam Hessel Hesten Heston Het Hetem Hetha Hettige Heuar Heun HeungKyun Heung Kyun Heung-Kyun Heval Hevalcan Hevgin Hevind Hevran Hevraz Hew Hewad Hewal Hewan Hewen Hewett Hewr Hewrich Hewston Hex Heyang Heydar Heyden Heye Heyi Heyko Heylan Heyman Heyn Heyno Heyo Heysen Heyson Heywood Hezan Hezekiah Hezi Hezron Hezus

Hh such as Hhan


Hi such as Hieronymus

Hias Hibban Hibi Hibiki Hicham Hichem HiChul Hi Chul Hi-Chul Hick Hicko Hicks Hidajet Hidayatullah Hidayel Hidayetolah Hidde Hidde-Jan Hidde-Martijn Hidderich Hideaki Hidefumi Hidehiko Hidehisa Hidekazu Hideki Hidemasa Hidemitsu Hidenao Hidenari Hidenori Hideo Hideshi Hidetaka Hidetake Hideto Hidetoshi Hideyuki Hidoyet Hiebo Hielke Hien-The Hienz Hieronim Hieronimus Hieronym Hieronymus Hifzhan Higinio Higíno Hihat Hikko Hikmat Hikmer Hikmet Hil Hilano Hilar Hilare Hilario Hilário Hilarion Hilarius Hilbert Hilbrand Hilbrecht Hildebert Hildeberto Hildebrand Hildefons Hildeger Hildegrim Hildemar Hildemut Hilderich Hilding Hildmar Hildo Hildwin Hiles Hilfried Hilgerd Hilios Hiljan Hiljmi Hilkeus Hilko Hillal Hillar Hillard Hillbrand Hille Hillebrand Hillebrandt Hillebrecht Hille-Jan Hillel Hillen Hillerich Hillmar Hillrich Hilman Hilmar Hilmer Hilmi Hilmican Hilmir Hilmo Hilpert Hilrich Hils Hilton Hilvert Hilwert Him Himanish Himansh Himanshu Himansshu Himbazwa Himdat Himel Himen Himmat Himmet Himmetcan Himzaga Himzo Hin Hinata Hinderich Hinderikus Hinderk Hindrik Hindrikus Hinerk Hing Hin-Lap Hinnar Hinne Hinneman Hinnerich Hinnerikus Hinnerk Hinrich Hinrik Hinrikus Hinson Hinze Hiob Hip Hipolito Hipólito Hippe Hippokoon Hippolyt Hippolyte Hippolytos Hippolytus Hipponoos Hippy Hiqmet Hir Hirad Hirak Hiram Hiran Hiren Hirendra Hiresh Hiroaki Hirobumi Hirofumi Hirohide Hirohiko Hirohisa Hirohito Hiroichi Hiroji Hirokazu Hiroki Hiromasa Hiromichi Hiromitsu Hiromoto Hiromu Hiron Hironari Hironobu Hironori Hiroo Hiroshi Hirota Hirotada Hirotaka Hiroto Hirotoshi Hirotsugu Hiroya Hiroyasu Hiroyuki Hirthik Hiruka Hirum Hiruy His Hisakazu Hisaki Hisan Hisanaga Hisanobu Hisao Hisashi Hisato Hisatoshi Hisaya Hisayoshi Hisayuki Hischam Hishaam Hisham Hisse Hit Hitansh Hitanshu Hitesh Hitoshi Hiu-Fung Hivan Hivar Hividar Hiwa Hiwidar Hizdar Hizer Hizir Hizki Hizkia

Hj such as Hjalmar

Hjalmar Hjálmar Hjálmtýr Hjálmur Hjalte Hjalti Hjörleifur Hjörtur Hjörvar

Hl such as Hlias

Hlgimantas Hlias Hlíðar Hlífar Hlöðver Hlynur

Hm such as Hmoud


Hn such as Hniang


Ho such as Holger

Hoai Hoan Hoàng Hoāng Hoang-Dan Hoang-Long Hoang-Minh Hoang-Quan Hoang-Trung-Hieu Hoani Hob Hobart Hobbie Hobby Hobe Hobed Hobel Hobert Hobie Hocine Hod Hodaifa Hodavja Hodayfa Hodei Hodeifa Hodo Hoedayfa Hoeke Hoffmann Hoger Hogne Hogun Hohaia Hoi-Chun Hoimar Ho-In Hoite Hoivo Hoiy HoJin Ho Jin Ho-Jin Ho-Jun Hok Hok-Nam Holbrook Holcomb Holden Holdin Holdyn Holger Holk Holm Holman Holmer Holmes Holonou Holt Holwell Holysworth Homam Homayon Homayoon Homayoun Homayun Homer Homero Homiros Homme Hon Honain Honar Honas Honer Honesty Hongbo HongChang Hong Chang Hong-Chang Hongjie HongJin Hong Jin Hong-Jin Hongkai HongKeun Hong Keun Hong-Keun HongKi Hong Ki Hong-Ki HongKyu Hong Kyu Hong-Kyu Hong-Linh Hongmiao HongMin Hong Min Hong-Min Hong-Phuong Hong-Quan Hongrun HongSik Hong Sik Hong-Sik HongSoo Hong Soo Hong-Soo Hongwang Hongxiang Hongxu Hongxuan HongYoul Hong Youl Hong-Youl Hongyuan Hongzhi Honir Honorato Honore Honoré Honorè Honorin Honorio Honoriu Honorius Honovi Honyar Honza Hooman Hoop Hopkins Hopper Horace Horacio Horácio Horant Horatio Horațiu Horatius Horaz Horea Hori Horia Hormat Horrie Horst Horst-Dieter Horstfried Horstmar Hortensio Hortênsio Horton Horymir Hosain Hosam Hosannah Hosayn Hosea Hosein Hoselito Ho-Seong Hosep Hosham Hoshiyar Hosi Hosie Hosiea Hosni Hoss Hossain Hossam Hossein Hosseini Hossie Hotin Hotze Houcine Houcine-Reza Houd Houdaifa Houdayfa Houdayfah Houdeyfa Houghton Houke Hou-Lam Houlin HoungGun Houng Gun Houng-Gun Housam Housin Houssain Houssam Houssein Housseine Houssen Houssi Houston Houstyn Hou-Tin Houwach Hovannes Hovhannes Hovik Hovnan Hovsep Howald Howard Howden Howell Howen Howie Howland Howu Hoyin HoYoung Ho Young Ho-Young Hoyt Hoyte Hozan Hozhin

Hr such as Hristo

Hrach Hrachia Hrachik Hracho Hrachya Hrafn Hrafnkell Hrag Hrair Hrak Hranislav Hrannar Hrant Hratschik Hratshik Hrayr Hredhaan Hreggviður Hrehaan Hrehory Hreiðar Hreinn Hrestakes Hridaan Hriday Hriddiman Hrihan Hringur Hrisafinas Hrishi Hrisostomos Hristache Hristijan Hristivoj Hristivoje Hristiyan Hristo Hristodor Hristofer Hristofor Hristoforos Hristos Hristoslav Hristos-Paulos Hristov Hristovoje Hristu Hróar Hróbjartur Hróðmar Hrólfur Hruodger Hrusto Hrvoje

Hs such as Hsi-Chen

Hsi-Chen Hsu Hsu-Ning

Hu such as Hugo

Hu Hua Huan Huayamqui-Mayta Hub Huba Huben Hubert Hubertes Huberto Hubertus Hubertusz Hubeyb Hubrecht Huck Huckleberry Hud Hudaifa Hudaifah Hudayfa Hudayfah Hudeyfa Hudhaif Hudhayfah Hudoishukur Hudsen Hudson Hudzaifah Hue Huebert Huen Huey Huga Hugbald Hugbert Hugene Hugh Hughie Hugh-Patrick Hugi Huginn Hugo Hugobald Hugo-Beatty Hugobert Hugowinus Hugues Huia Huib Huibert Huibertus Huib-Jan Huibrecht Huibregt Huig Huk Huko Hukum Hulbert Huldar Hulio Hulisi Huljandro Hulusi Humam Humayun Humbert Humberto Hume Humfried Humility Humphrey Humza Humzah Hun Hunan Hunani Hunar Hunfried Hung-Tri Hung-Vinh Hunk Hunkar HunNam Hun Nam Hun-Nam Hunold Hunor Hunt Huntar Hunter Hunther Huntingden Huntingdon Huntington Huntingtun Huntley Huntly Hunwald Hunwalt Hunzzee Huon Huoteng Hurley Hurrair Hursh Hurshid Hurst Hurste Hursut Hurtle Huruy Husaam Husain Husam Husane Husayin Husayn Husein Husejin Husen Husere Huseyin Huseyn Husha Husik Husin Husnain Husni Husnija Husno Huso Hussain Hussam Hussein Hussen Hussien Hussin Huston Hustos Huthaifa Huthayfa Hutomo Hutton Huu Huub Huubert Huug Huugo Huup Huu-Phuc Huw Huwan Huxeford Huxford Huxley Huxly Huybert Huybrecht Huy-Hoang Huynh-Minh-Tung Huzaifa Huzaifah Huzail Huzefa Huzeyfe Huzifa Huzur Huzyfa

Hw such as HwaSik

HwaSik Hwa Sik Hwa-Sik Hwidi

Hy such as Hyazinth

Hy Hyatt Hyazinth Hybner Hydar Hydde Hyde Hyder Hyland Hylcke Hylco Hylmar Hylton Hyman Hynek HyonIl Hyon Il Hyon-Il Hyon-Min Hyosuke Hyqmet Hyrmet Hysen Hysni HyunBae Hyun Bae Hyun-Bae HyunChul Hyun Chul Hyun-Chul HyungHo Hyung Ho Hyung-Ho HyungJoon Hyung Joon Hyung-Joon HyungKi Hyung Ki Hyung-Ki HyungKyoo Hyung Kyoo Hyung-Kyoo HyungMun Hyung Mun Hyung-Mun HyungWook Hyung Wook Hyung-Wook Hyunho HyunIl Hyun Il Hyun-Il Hyunjun HyunKuk Hyun Kuk Hyun-Kuk HyunSil Hyun Sil Hyun-Sil HyunSoo Hyun Soo Hyun-Soo HyunSung Hyun Sung Hyun-Sung HyunWoo Hyun Woo Hyun-Woo Hyusein Hyuseinov Hywell Hyya

such as Hüdaverdi


such as Hákon

Hákon Hálfdán Hávarður Háye

such as Hâlid


such as Hägar

Hägar Hännes

such as Håvard

Håkan Håkon Hårek Håvar Håvard

such as Hèctor

Hèctor Hèrvion

such as Hélder

Héctor Héðinn Hélder Hélio

such as Hólmar

Hólmar Hólmgeir Hólmgrímur Hólmsteinn

such as Hörður

Högni Hörður Höskuldur

such as Hùng


such as Húni


such as Hûseyin


such as Hüseyin

Hüdai Hüdaverdi Hüdayi Hükümdar Hürkan Hüsamettin Hüseyin Hüseyincan Hüseyin-Mustafa Hüsnü Hüsrev Hüsseyn Hüssin Hüveyda Hüzeyfe

such as Hưng


Hả such as Hải


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